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"The group's bipolar folk-rock hints at what
Nirvana might have been if Kurt Cobain had
had the chance to grow out of his angst and
settle into his mid-thirties." -  The Onion



"Ice Palace's Adam Sorensen has to be one of

the brightest new dark-night-of-the-soul singer-songwriters to come out of these parts in awhile." -  City Pages


 "The pride of Minneapolis bridges the same synaptic gaps

as Say Hi—or PJ Harvey with a Y chromosome." -

Magnet Magazine


"We're not even a full week into 2007, and already a new local band is issuing a CD worthy of buzz. The group is called Ice Palace. a quirky fuzz-rock quartet whose frontman, Adam Sorensen, sings a bit like the guy from the Decemberists and writes blurry, wild-eyed story-songs like the guy in Modest Mouse." - Star Tribune










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